Wireless Headphones of all kinds have exploded on the market in the past few years. There are numerous versions & a variety of styles that are available for purchase. The problem is, there is a huge problem with rip-off headphones that look striking similar to those of brand name wireless headphones, but are not what you would come to expect in terms of quality. Luckily, Tech Inspector has dedicated reviewers testing out as many wireless headphones as we can get our hands on.

Over the past week we have been testing a pair of wireless headphones that Prokitline gave us, at a steep discount, in exchange for out review. We told them that our review would not be affected by this & we would tell people they can obtain a pair of Magnetic Wireless Headphones by Prokitline on Amazon. We have put these headphones through the gauntlet and, to our surprise, they came out on top!

Headphone Build & Comfort

If you have ever read one of my reviews on earbuds before, you will know that I have two chief complaints; one of those complaints is relating to the comfort of any given earbuds.

This pair of magnetic wireless headphones from Prokitline were amazing in terms of comfort. I listen to music all day at my desk and this is the first pair of in-ear headphones that did not cause me discomfort after 2 hours+ of use. Instead of relying on a super tight fit in your ear (even though they do fit snug) they have a added piece that folds into the form of your ear for additional support. I have seen this same piece on several other lower-end headphones, but this is the first time it was actually useful.


Wireless Headphones Sound Quality

The quality from these wireless headphones are phenomenal. I would easily put them in the top 5 of all headphones I have ever used. The sounds are rich & crisp; this is a pair of headphones you can put on and escape to your own world.

The volume of these headphones was also pleasant. I could go as low or as high as I wanted to; these have some power! The sound quality was improved even still because of the noise reduction these headphones provide. Not having to turn up the music to drowned out other noise is a huge benefit.

My second chief complaint with all modern day wireless headphones is the quality of phone conversation via a microphone on the wireless headphones. It seems I am forever doomed because, even though these headphones are excellent, the microphone was atrocious. After making several phone calls, it was clear that the call capability of these were worse than some cheaper models.

All in all, I am floored by the quality of sound these headphones produce on a consistent basis across a wide range of music genres and types.

magnetic-wireless-headphones-battery-life-reviewWireless Headphones Bass

The mark of any pair of exemplary headphones is their ability to produce the required amount of bass for a variety of music genres. Even some of the best (and more expensive) headphones we have reviewed fall flat when it comes to bass.

These wireless headphones were a trip, however! The bass on this pair of headphones made the music being played truly immersive. I often listen to movie scores (soundtracks) while working and, with these headphones, I felt like I was IN the movie. The bass is rich and steady; there was no crackling even on the high volume levels.

Wireless Headphones Price

Considering how impressed we were with the comfort, sound & bass quality of these headphones, we were shocked when we found out they only cost $34.98. This is low for the industry, let alone low for the quality of these headphones. Make sure you follow the link below the product rating graph to see these awesome wireless headphones on Amazon.

Y8 Wireless Headphones

Y8 Wireless Headphones

Feel & Comfort


    Sound Quality


      Bass Quality


        Calls / Microphone





            • Multiple Earbud Sizes
            • Great Sound
            • Great Bass
            • Low Price


            • Does not feel upscale
            • Hard to Make Calls on
            • Microphone Sucks

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