When building a WordPress website there are multiple times when you need to move the website from one server to another server, or migrate the website. Other times, a website designer may be building the website on a development server or local machine and need to migrate the website. The All-In-One-WordPress-Migration WordPress Migration Plugin is one of the plugins I use on every website I build; it is also the plugin I use with the longest name.

Migration Plugin Performance

The All-In-One-WordPress-Migration WordPress Migration Plugin really shines for two major functions. The first function is the migration of WordPress websites. For anyone unfamiliar with FTP, and even for those very familiar, The All-In-One-WordPress-Migration WordPress Migration Plugin takes the guess work out of website migration by making the entire process a simple import/export exercise.

I have used this plugin well over 250 times over the years and, in all of that time, I have only ever had one instance in which there was a problem. Curiously, the issue was not with the plugin at all but rather with the crappy hosting company that my client, at the time, was using. The hosting company was blocking a part of the upload due to size and wanted more money in an effort to allow this upload to take place. It was a fiasco, but definitely not the norm with this plugin.

Migration Plugin Autoback Ups

The second task I use the All-In-One-WordPress-Migration WordPress Migration Plugin for is weekly or monthly backups of websites that I create and/or manage. One of the primary sources of income as a website developer is the monthly fee for maintaining and updating the website. As there are so many website designers out there these days, I try and distinguish myself by offering services that no one else does.

The All-in-One-WordPress Migration Plugin helps me accomplish this by allowing me to automate the backup process. The PRO version of the plugin lets me backup directly to my Google Drive so I never have to worry about losing my backups (I actually do dual backups; one to external hard drive and one to Google Drive).

Migration PluginĀ Specs

The free version of the All in One WordPress Migration plugin is not without its limitations. The free versions has an upload limit of 512MB. This means that if your WordPress website migration file is larger than 512MB, you will have to spring for the paid version of the plugin. As stated previously, the only issue I have ever had with this migration plugin is due to the hosting plan that was being used. Below you will find the approved hosting plans and the plugin extension list:

Approved Hosting Plans

  • Bluehost
  • InMotion
  • Web Hosting Hub
  • Siteground
  • Pagely
  • Dreamhost
  • Justhost
  • GoDaddy
  • WP Engine
  • Site5
  • 1&1
  • Pantheon
  • See Full List

Migration Plugin Extension List

Migration Plugin Price

What price? The plugin is FREE! You can’tĀ complain about that now can you? This plugin does everything you need (while making it so easy) and they do not even charge for it. If you want the ability to schedule backups to Google Drive or a local drive, you will have to buck up for the for the paid version of the extension. The great part? You only pay once for the extension of your choice and you can use it on as many websites as you want; the paid version runs around $79.


All-in-One WordPress Migration Plugin

All-in-One WordPress Migration Plugin





      Extensions Available





          • Easy to Use
          • Basic Plugin is FREE
          • Awesome Backup Options
          • Very Reliable
          • Did we say FREE??


          • Free Version 512MB Limit
          • Pay for Google Drive & others

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