Anyone that knows me has figured out I have a love for watches. So when these wooden watches started flooding the market I had to check them out for myself. Now I can’t remember exactly when wood watches became a “thing”, but when I first saw one I was quite skeptic. Instead of admiring how unique it would be to have a WeWood Watch (or any watch) made almost entirely of wood, I did what I often do. — over analyze ever damn aspect. I questioned the durability and if it could withstand everyday wear and tear. I figured if I was stuck in the rain or maybe hopped in the shower with the watch on I would soon be the proud owner of disintegrating band of pulp. Basically talked myself out of getting one.

Thankfully my lovely girlfriend read me like a book and she purchased this WeWood Watch for me. It’s not exactly “tech” but we here at enjoy a good watch just as much as we do anything else.

Assunt Choco Rough WeWood

Keep in mind I own a fair amount of watches ranging from cheap to what some may consider “expensive”, we’ll plant that number at $150.00+ because that is likely what I believe a majority of you may consider to be “expensive” for a watch. I understand that there are plenty of you watch snobs out there scoffing at me right now, and frankly you have the right to do so, because it’s the internet and everyone is a critic on the web.

Before I start hacking away at the base of this wooden timepiece I want to let you all know that when you buy one of these watches the company will in return plant a tree. According to their website they have already planted 400,000 trees!

You don’t have to be a tree hugging hippie to appreciate that kind of environmental generosity. Call it a sales gimmick if you want, as someone who enjoys the outdoors and appreciates what good foliage provides, I tip my metaphorical hat to WeWood.

The Base

The first thing you notice with a WeWood Watch (mine is a Assunt Choco Rought) is how light it is. I personally thought being solid Indian rosewood that it would be about the same weight as a traditional metal case and band. Apparently I am not exactly knowledgeable about how dense rosewood is, but its as light as a AA battery. As far as the band goes, it is similar to a typical metal link band but of course made of the same wood product that makes up the case.

-Here is what WeWood has written on their website in regards to the watch.

Indian Rosewood is very strong and heavy, takes an excellent polish, and is a suitable wood for the black pieces in chess sets and for billiard cues. Often streaked with hues of purple and red, each piece has its own unique color.

WeWood Watch Review

WeWood Watch Specs

  • 100% Natural Wood (duh)
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Free of toxic chemicals
  • Miyota Movement (look it up and educate yourself)
  • Date Window
  • Mineral Glass
  • Stainless Steel Clasp

The Case/Bezel and Dial

In looking at the face you’ll notice WeWood’s minimalist approach starting with their clever logo located slightly above the center of the dial. A wooden backdrop keeps things simple but not boring and surrounds itself by standard silver hour marks and painted minute marks. Thankfully WeWood doesn’t resort to those vapid pseudo-dials or gaudy hour marks. Rather they just keep it real, real wood and solid craftsmanship. The bezels attempt at being similar to what is present on a dive watch is a bit of splinter in the design, but nothing worth starting a fire over.

The Band

WeWood is gracious enough to provide you with a link removal tool which makes adjustment super easy, and saves you a trip to a jeweler or other establishment and it can be used on your other watches if needed. The wooden links are held in place by a metal pin, but an effort was made to make them brushed or matte so you don’t even notice the metal on the side. As far as a band goes this one compliments the watch perfect.


I know some of you are wondering about if this watch water-proof or not, and that is a big factor for some people. I didn’t want to test it on my own watch so I consulted the WeWood Watch website and found this.

No, but you can consider it splash-proof. It does just fine in the kitchen, even on the beach, but please don’t take WeWOOD swimming! Like any natural wood, the wood slightly expands when getting wet, and this makes the flexibility of the links less supple. Generally, the wood fully recovers when dry.

So with the above said it should survive washing your hands and running through the rain briefly, however bathing with it wood knot be a good idea and WeWood suggest you don’t do it.


It’s a really nice watch that can fit a casual or business outfit (in most cases). Although I’ve never had arm fatigue from a heavier style watch, the fact this is so light does make me appreciate it more in some odd way or another over my heavier pieces.

Assunt Choco Rough WeWood


My cons are more of a constructive criticism rather than issues with the WeWood Watch Assunt Choco Rough.  The watch could really do without the date window, it really takes away from this watch and seems out of place with that chalky white background on the dark face. I understand some think it’s a nice feature and is expected in flashier dress watches, but I don’t see the point here. As mentioned above when talking about the bezel, again it just doesn’t fit. Lastly the big silver crown on this watch has got to go or at least be colored similar to the rosewood.

Final Thoughts

You can get this WeWood Watch direct from the company for $140.00. Maybe a little high? Similar watches go for under $100 dollars and are good quality but again it all depends on the style and what you like. I think WeWood keeps their watches looking a little more natural than other makers who seem to go an polish the wood up making it resemble a bowling lane. All in all I enjoy this watch and wear it regularly because of it’s uniqueness compared to the others in my collection.

WeWood Assunt Choco Rough

WeWood Assunt Choco Rough



    Time Keeping







          • Purchase Watch, WeWood Plants a Tree
          • Lightweight
          • Unique


          • Bezel
          • Crown
          • Date Window

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