I have said it in previous reviews and I will say it again here: as a website designer, any tool that makes your job easier and more efficient at the same time, is a no-brainer type of decision. The Visual Composer WordPress Plugin from WP Bakery is one of those tools. Their purchase page on Envato gives a great summary of their product’s purpose:

Have you ever noticed how much time you waste fighting with [shortcodes] and manually coding layouts? No more trial and error with “shortcodes magic”! Now you can design anything for any page!

This plugin for WordPress truly combines ease of use and versatility to make it a powerhouse plugin that everyone WordPress designer should use.

Ease of Use

One of two things that make the Visual Composer WordPress Plugin so amazing is it’s ease of use. Anyone using WordPress already knows that it is much easier than coding a website by hand; however, shortcodes, page styling & other tedious activities, even inside of WordPress, can be time consuming and frustrating (think of any time you forgot a closing tag).

The Visual Composer Plugin brings a simple, drag-and-drop system to both the front and backend of WordPress. This implementation enables page designs to be made in mere minutes. Not only can you build pages quickly, but they can be as beautiful and/or as complex as you can imagine. Don’t take it from me however, you can read just how awesome the plugin is on the purchase page:

Welcome to the most popular and extendable visual WordPress page builder plugin! Visual Composer is an easy to use drag and drop page builder that will help you to create any layout you can imagine fast and easy – no programming knowledge required!

Is the Visual Composer WordPress Plugin the Best?
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Ontop of being very easy to use, the Visual Composer WordPress Plugin allows for thousands upon thousands of different page layouts to be created. In addition to the mere ability to create various page layouts, Visual Composer also offers the ability for automation of movement of objects, further increasing the versatility of the plugin.

The plugin is so popular among developers, that many WordPress theme developers, like those whom created the Jupiter WordPress Theme, actually integrate the Visual Composer WordPress Plugin right into their themes! This plugin is actually integrated into over 60 premium WordPress themes.

You can read my Jupiter WordPress Theme Review here.   

Visual Composer Price

Yes this plugin makes WordPress website design faster & more efficient, but how much does it cost? If you purchase a premium WordPress theme like Jupiter, it may already come with the Visual Composer plugin installed. If you want to buy the plugin outright, it is only going to cost $34. That is a small price to pay for not losing your hair over small shortcode and coding mistakes.

Visual Composer WordPress Plugin

Visual Composer WordPress Plugin

Ease of Use









          • Easy to Use
          • Versatile
          • Inexpensive


          • Thinking About All the Time You Wasted Previous to Using this Plugin

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