If you are surprised you haven’t heard of heaphones by Turtle Beach until now, you would be even more surprised to know they were actually founded by 2 guys named Roy Smith and Robert Hoke over 3 decades ago in 1985. Even more surprising than that is the fact their first product wasn’t even a headset, it was actually a graphical editing system. They eventually went on to dabble in the PC sound card market as well as other technologies but that’s a documentary for another day and not what you came here for!

Times change, businesses evolve, and the demand for innovative products in the gaming industry has increased exponentially and in 2016 Turtle Beach has continued to take the gaming Headset Industry by storm! Turtle Beach is now globally distributed in 44 countries across North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and more! You can catch a glimpse of what they are all about on their Website:

Turtle Beach designs and markets premium audio peripherals for video game consoles, personal computers and mobile devices under the brand Turtle Beach (TurtleBeach.com), including officially-licensed headsets for the next-generation Xbox One™ and PlayStation® 4 consoles. 

Now that you have an understanding of the brand, let us turn the volume up on the Turtle Beach Stealth 400 Wireless Headset and get down to brass tacks.

Inside the Box


  • Headset
  • 4-pole 3.5mm cable to allow you to connect to your phone, tablet, mp3 player etc.
  • USB wireless dongle, plug and play for easy setup and has a small optical input
  • TosLink cable.
  • Microphone is flexible and detachable which is an added plus over other headsets that have a poorly placed microphone in your face at all times. It really gives this headset the ability to be used for media AND gaming, rather than just the latter of the two.
  • Micro USB cord for charging.
  • Users manual

Headphone Sound

The Stealth 400 comes with “Acoustically-angled” 50mm Neodymium speakers. Neo…what? It’s a chemical element, soft silvery and not really important. What is important is these speakers pack a punch! With 4 equalizer presets you available there’s a preference for just about anyone. You won’t fall victim to “Charlie” sneaking up on you on the battlefield, but you might leave your seat from the thundering booms of mortar shells as they rain down upon you.

This nifty headset even has noise cancellation technology. Say what!? Yeah you heard me, maybe? However, that also means you need to be on the lookout for the doorbell when pizza guy arrives or the angry wife/girlfriend after the 3rd or 4th “last round I promise!”

Headphone Comfort

Ever wear one of those over the ear headsets that practically rub your ear raw after 15 minutes? I have, and it’s downright miserable. The Stealth 400 is constructed mostly of plastic which of course keeps weight of the device on par with most headsets. What does that mean for you? It means you won’t get a stiff neck from bouncing around after scoring the winning TD in Madden.

When it comes to keeping you engaged in the game with minimal distractions, Turtle Beach does it right with this one. The breathable cushioned meshed ear pads and headband leave little to be desired. Gone are the days of sore and sweaty ears during those extended hours of binge play. Let’s not forget the ratchet-like adjustable headband allows the headset to fit even the biggest of domes, so fear not Vince Vaughns of the world you are going to fit right in!

Headphone Battery Life

The headset rarely has to be charged. I’ve put it through the hours of music, gaming, YouTube videos pushing near 15 hours without having to recharge it. That’s incredible in its own right.

FunctionalityTurtle Beach Headphones

Having the buttons on the ears is a huge plus, and they are setup in such a way that is convenient and smart. You won’t find yourself hitting multiple buttons at once or deafening yourself by accidentally hitting one of the two volume wheels. Wait? two volume wheels you say? Yeah you heard that right. One is for in game and the other for chat. If you’ve never had this feature before you will greatly appreciate it when you are in on a multiplayer platform game.


There really isn’t much to complain about other than the flashing blue light that personally drives me insane. The womanly voice that comes on and badgers you over and over that the headsets battery is low, or the auto-shut off (which isn’t bad, but not exactly overly noteworthy) is about to occur is also a bit much. However, both of these mentioned issues are forgettable.

Final Thoughts

You would be hard pressed to find another headset that can match everything the Stealth 400 has to offer without going way up in price. The pleasant style, well thought-out design, solid build, key features, and comfort combine together for a premium feel at an affordable price point ($99.95-$75.99). Thus making it available to a wide variety of game enthusiasts and not just the “Elitist”. So if you are in the market for a new headset for you or someone else I highly recommend you check out the Stealth 400, or any Turtle Beach product for that matter.


Turtle Beach Stealth 400 Headphones

Turtle Beach Stealth 400 Headphones





      Battery Life







            • Great Sound
            • Noise Cancellation
            • Detachable Microphone
            • Comfort


            • Semi-Expensive
            • All Plastic

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