Brushing your teeth is one of those everyday routines that most people do not think twice about. It is almost like you are on autopilot, get up, brush your teeth. Before bed, brush your teeth. However, there have been vast improvements in toothbrush technology that allows for a better experience over using a standard toothbrush.

The Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush features an amazing triple toothbrush head design that works to clean your teeth from all sides at the same time. Triple Bristle gave us one of their toothbrushes at a discount in order for us to test it out; however, this in no way affected our opinions. See the full review below or check out their Amazon page: Triple Bristle Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush.

triple-britsle-sonic-toothbrush-reviewToothbrush Construction

Right when you take this electronic toothbrush out of the package you can feel the weight and sturdiness of the construction. When you engage the toothbrush, it is not uncomfortable to hold even while vibrating (phrasing, I know). The grip of the toothbrush is also really nice and does not make it difficult to hold even when damp. There is also the claim that this toothbrush design is actually dentist created & approved:

DENTIST CREATED & DENTIST APPROVED – Our unique cleaning design is recommended by dentists all over the country. We have designed the best cleaning and best oral care treatment we possibly could. This brush has been 4 years in the making and we know you will love it.

Brushing Experience

My first experience brushing with this toothbrush was awkward. Because of the design, there is only one way to brush your teeth. In essence, you pretend your teeth are train tracks and move the train (the toothbrush in this instance) over the tracks. It seems simple, but for someone used to brushing in every direction at varying angles and speeds, it took a few times to get used to.

The other issue this brings up is the hard plastic hitting my teeth. The plastic shaft of the toothbrush head (minds out of the gutter people!) tends to hit your gums and teeth if you do not position the toothbrush correctly as you are brushing. The pain can range from minor annoyance to F”K that hurt.

Aside from those two points, the toothbrush performs incredibly well. It leaves one feeling clean and refreshed. This patented technology is also good for brushing your tongue. Brushing your tongue helps improve the freshness of your breath.

WANT KISSABLE BREATH? – Get a better oral care routine with Triple Bristle. Our tongue cleaner combined with our revolutionary cleaning system will help keep your breath fresh and you feeling confident.

Toothbrush Battery Life

I cannot say how long this battery actually lasts, because I have been using it for 3 weeks, twice a day without having to charge it as of yet. The battery life, so far, is pretty typical of my experiences with quality electronic toothbrushes. Initially, the toothbrush did charge very quickly.

Toothbrush Price

The original price of this electronic toothbrush was $97.97 which I believe is rather high for the quality of this toothbrush in comparison to other top electronic toothbrushes on the market and their prices (even with the patented triple bristle design). However, they currently have a sale on amazon to get the toothbrush for $59.97 which is a STEAL!


Triple Bristle Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush

Triple Bristle Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush



    Brushing Experience


      Battery Life





          • Unique Triple Bristle
          • Cleans Well
          • Holds Charge
          • Moderately Priced


          • Takes Getting Used to
          • Plastic Hurts when Hits Teeth

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