People today listen to their music in a variety of situations, mostly when they are on the go. The Specter EFIX Wireless Headphones are built for those on-the-go users that need portability but do not want to compromise on sound quality. Specter Wireless was nice enough to let Tech Inspector goof around with a pair of their EFIX wireless Bluetooth headphones in exchange for our thoughts on their product; as always, we were happy to oblige.

Specter EFIX Wireless Headphone ReviewWhats in the Box?

  • Headphones
  • Charging Cable

Specter EFIX Sound Quality

The Specter EFIX Bluetooth headphones were designed from the ground up to be, a great pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones for the commuter, the person on the go.

Although small in size, these headphones do not lack in sound. the audio is crisp and the bass is deep, for the size of these headphones. Specter Wireless also doubles down by making these headphones with their leading cVc technology for advanced audio and noise suppression.

EFIX Battery Life

The manufacturer boasts a 10 hour battery life on the EFIX headphones. After spending 3 days with these headphones, I would concur their claim. I brought these headphones to work with me and listened to them consistently for 9 to 10 hours on three different days.

Specter Wireless EFIX Wireless Headphone ReviewEFIX Extra Features

  • Magnetic Features
  • Can Make/Take Phone Calls
  • Noise Isolation
  • Water Resistant
  • In-Line Controls
  • Skip-Free Wireless Connectivity
  • Siri & Google Assistant Enabled
  • 8-10 Hour Battery Life

Specter EFIX Price

These headphones are amazing; they are portable and still contain incredible sound and great bass. With a battery life of 8 to 10 hours, one might think that they headphones cost a significant amount of money. I am happy to report that you can get these headphones for only $95.95.

We would like to thank Specter Wireless for allowing us to test out these headphones! We were thoroughly impressed by them, as we have been with each of their products!

Specter EFIX Headphones

Specter EFIX Headphones



    Sound Quality


      Battery Life


        Extra Features





            • Construction
            • Sound Quality
            • Bass
            • Extra Features
            • Price


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