Finding a solid pair of Wireless Headphones for working out can be tricky. There are a myriad of cheaply made headphones and knock-offs that can lead to some paralysis by analysis when searching for a solid pair of workout headphones. The Specter EFITZ Wireless headphones are a solid pair of workout headphones; Specter Wireless was kind enough to give Tech Inspector a sample of their EFITZ Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in exchange for our thoughts and opinions on their product.

Specter EFITZ Wireless Heaphone ReviewWhats in the Box?

  • Headphones
  • Charging Cable

Specter EFITZ Sound Quality

The Specter EFITZ Bluetooth headphones were designed from the ground up to be, first and foremost, workout headphones. The sound quality of these headphones were built to emphasize bass throughout a workout. Specter describes the design process around the EFITZ:

The EFITZ was built for fitness individuals by bringing them long-lasting bass-blasting sound throughout their entire workout. The high-performance sport design was handcrafted by fitness professionals to provide the most secure fit, while maintaining comfortability.

Specter EFITZ Battery Life

The Specter Wireless boasts a 10 hour battery life on their headphones. I personally found that estimate to be accurate. I brought these headphones to work with me. I listened to them on the way to work, at work, and on the way home. They consistently ran for between 9 to 10 hours on two separate occasions.

Best Workout Wireless Headphones ReviewEFITZ Extra Features

  • Sports Design
  • Can Make/Take Phone Calls
  • Noise Isolation
  • Water Resistant
  • Headset Controls
  • Skip-Free Wireless Connectivity
  • Siri & Google Assistant Compatibility
  • 8-10 Hour Battery Life

Specter EFITZ Price

After reading about the performance and features of the Specter EFITZ headphones, you may be inclined to think these headphones are going to cost you a fortune. Luckily for you, you can get the same quality you would find in BEATS headphones, for a fraction of the price. These headphones are only going to cost you $95.95!

We would like to thank Specter Wireless for allowing us to test out these headphones! We were thoroughly impressed by them, as we have been with each of their products!

Specter EFITZ Headphones

Specter EFITZ Headphones



    Sound Quality


      Battery Life


        Extra Features





            • Sounds Quality
            • Bass
            • Battery Life
            • Extra Features
            • Price


            • You Only Need One Pair

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