I have reviewed a number of wireless, Bluetooth speakers on this website, but I do not think any of them compare to the Specter AQSTIX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This thing is truly a work of art: beautiful, rugged, while still producing amazing sound. Tech Inspector was luckily enough to be given a promotional product by Specter in exchange for our thoughts and opinions on the product.

Whats in the Box?

  • Specter AQSTIX Speaker
  • Carabiner Strap
  • Charging Cord

AQSTIX Speaker Sound

There is something deeply satisfying about being able to connect to a quality Bluetooth speaker and listen to your music anywhere. Becuase the AQSTIX speaker was built with music quality in mind first, and durability second, the sound quality on this wireless speaker is brilliant. Their website simply explains their philosophy from an enginnerring perspective:

With the AQSTIX we engineered the shell from a sound-first perspective, always putting the quality of the music first.

For those of you also needing a strong base in your wireless, Bluetooth speaker, AQSTIX will not let you down there either. The bass on this speaker is bold, without cracking.

AQSTIX Battery Life

Specter Wireless boasts a 12 hour batter life on the AQSTIX wireless speaker and, while my experience was not quite 12 hours, it came very close. I made three separate runs at draining the battery from full. Two times, the battery kicked off around 10 hours and 20 minutes. The third run, the battery died at 10 hours and 50 minutes. While this is not quite as long as the specs say the battery lasts, its one of the longer batteries on a wireless speaker that I have tested.

AQSTIX Extra Features

  • Ultra Rugged Enclosure
  • Phone Call Capabilities
  • Doubles as a Charging Bank
  • 100% Waterproof (up to 3 feet)
  • Dual Independent Drivers
  • Skip Free Wireless Connectivity
  • Siri & Google Assistant Compatibility
  • 10-12 Hour Battery Life


The Specter AQSTIX wireless speaker is priced appropriately at $129.95. This speaker has great range, amazing sound, great bass and tremendous battery life. At this price point, the AQSTIX is at the top of the mid-ranged Bluetooth, wireless speakers. However, with the quality of sound, battery life, and loads of extra features, it is aptly priced.


Specter AQSTIX Wireless Speaker

Specter AQSTIX Wireless Speaker

Construction / Display




      Battery Life


        Extra Features





            • Sound
            • Bass
            • Battery Life
            • Extra Features


            • Price Tier

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