Streaming services have come such a long way and Sling TV is evidence of that. Sling TV brings the best of television right to your mobile device for an incredibly small amount of money. If you are anything like me, you only watch a few TV channels, not enough to warrant spending $80 to $120 per month on TV services. Move on from cable and get more for your money with Sling TV!

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We have come to expect companies, like Netflix, to bring us streaming content that is older or original content. However, Sling TV is a streaming service that allows us to watch our favorite sporting events live, the new episode of Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, live. This application has made me so happy to cut the cord from a typical TV subscription and watch what I want, when I want.

Sling TV DVR

Want to watch all of your favorite shows but cannot be home to watch them all live? No worries! Sling TV also has a digital DVR option to record your favorite shows so you can watch them whenever you want. The DVR resides in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Record all your favoite movies and shows just as you would with a normal cable or satellite TV package plan.

Sling TV Price

Typical cable/satellite TV plans can cost a pretty penny. Sling TV has got it all figured out and can get you started for $20/mo. You also have the option to choose A La Carte if there are only select channels you want to stream. Either way, you will only be paying a fraction of what you would be paying for a traditional TV subscription from a local cable or satellite service. Sling TV has a promotion where you can get a free ROKU when you prepay your service for a few months. Dont know what a ROKU is? See our ROKU Review.

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