Bluetooth headphones have flooded the market lately. There is a wide variety of them available but they vary greatly in quality. Its important to do plenty of research to make sure you are not buying cheap knock-offs. The following Bluetooth headphones were sent to us free for review by OasisBeat; we appreciate the opportunity! You can buy these headphones without reading the review on Amazon – OasisBeat Headphones.


OasisBeat Bluetooth Wireless Headphone UnboxingOpening up the OasisBeat Bluetooth headphones, you get an early feel as to the quality of the headphones; After taking off the product sleeve and open the box, you see a sleek little carrying case. After you open the zipper-pouch carrying case, you will find:

  • 2 additional set of earbud covers, Large & Small
  • Product Manual
  • Mini-USB Cord for Charging
  • OasisBeat Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones Comfort

The OasisBeat Wireless Headphones have a recognizable style that we have come to expect from medium to high quality wireless headphones. They feel very sturdy and well made. The headphones fit very firmly IN your ears. The part of the headphone that goes over the top of your ear, however, feels very cheap and flimsy. I do not believe that this piece is for anything other than to stop the headphones from falling to the ground if they were to come out of your ears; the over-ear piece offers little to now support (good news is, this piece wont hurt your ears after extended use either).

OasisBeat Wireless Bluetooth Headphone ReviewBluetooth Headphones Sound

The sound out of these headphones is amazing; how OasisBeat managed to fit such a great sound with respectable base into such a small package is impressive. I listen to a variety of genres of music to test out headphones and these wireless headphones performed great with all of them. They handled the bass of rap/pop/dance music well and still managed to crisply showcase the various string instruments on some classical tracks.

Just as important as the sound they are able to produce, the OasisBeat Bluetooth headphones also managed to keep a significant of sound out! The noise canceling ability of these headphones was remarkable; more remarkable still, when you take into consideration how comfortable these headphones are to wear for longer duration.

Call Quality

We have reviewed a ton of wireless Bluetooth headphones here at Tech Inspector and, time and time again, we seem to constantly be disappointing with the call quality had with Bluetooth headphones. Will these headphones suffice in a pinch if you need to answer a call, yes. However, upon making several calls with these (not telling the person I was talking to I was on with Bluetooth headphones) I was asked why I sounded like I was in a cave or why it I sounded to “spotty.”

I do appreciate the fact that the microphone is on this pair of headphones. The microphone does make answering the phone while running or working convenient; however, it loses its value when I have to get the phone out anyway to finish the conversation.


As technology has advanced, so has the battery life of most small, portable devices (insert Galaxy Note 7 joke here). The battery on the OasisBeat Bluetooth headphones is exceptional, lasting almost 7 hours consistently.


The OasisBeat Wireless Headphones are reasonable priced at $45.95. That is very affordable for a quality pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. When I initially received these Bluetooth headphones, they were $49.95, meaning they are currently on sale.

OasisBeat Wireless Heaphones

OasisBeat Wireless Heaphones



    Sound Quality


      Battery Life


        Call Quality





            • Pretty Comfortable
            • Great Sound Quality
            • Solid Batter Life
            • Affordable


            • Sometimes Gets Warm
            • Microphone/ Call Quality

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            • These also have that annoying flat strap that was also found on the GDTK headphones I reviewed. I really don’t understand why this is the new norm with so many of these Bluetooth headphones. Price is so,so. With so many headphones on the market as of late it seems like these could be a bit overpriced for what you get, but as we test out more products we’ll adjust our sliders.