Nunet has produced something that I did not even know existed: A color-changing LED light bulb with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Yes, you read that correctly; this LED  Nunet light bulb not only changes colors, it has a speaker built in. Lets break down each component of this product.

Nunet Light Bulb Lighting

This light bulb truly does give you something unique in terms of lighting. Through the smartphone app, you are able to pick the display color of the light bulb via a color wheel. Even though the lighting display is vibrant and colorful, it lacks the power of a typical light bulb.

nunet-color-changing-lightbulb-with-bluetooth-speaker-and-smartphone-appNunet Light Bulb Speaker

Ever listened to music out of a light bulb? Nether had I before testing out the Nunent Light Bulb & Speaker. Similar to the lighting power, the speaker really lacks (as an individual). The sound was muffled from being in the light socket and, even though the sound was audible and clear, it also was faint and had zero bass. However, that is to be expected when you throw a speaker in something like a light bulb outlet.

Nunet Light Bulb Smartphone App

Even though the Nunet Light Bulb is lacking in performance, the smartphone app that controls the Nunet light bulb is incredibly easy to use and makes it very simple to control the color of the light bulb.

Nunet Light Bulb Daisy Chain

If this product was not cool enough already, the smartphone app gives you the ability to daisy-chain up to 15 light bulbs together. When you do this with 3 or more light bulbs, you increase the experience with this light bulb exponentially. The lights work together to create an experience. Whereas one bulb feels lacking, daisy-chaining a few of the Nunet light bulbs together creates a reverse experience.

Nunet Light Bulb Price

The market rate for a good, LED light bulb runs between $3.50 to $5.00 per bulb. That makes purchasing the Nunet Color Changing LED Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker for $29.99 hard to swallow. This is even harder to do when you realize that you will need to purchase 3 or 4 Nunet light bulbs in order to create a worthwhile experience with them.

* I was given this product at a discount in exchange for an online review; however, that discount in now way affects my review of this product. *

Nunet Color Changing Lightbulb Speaker

Nunet Color Changing Lightbulb Speaker





      Smartphone App


        Daisy Chain





            • Cool Concept
            • Daisy-Chain Up to 15 Bulbs
            • Unique
            • Color Change
            • Smartphone App


            • Not a Great Light Source
            • Not a Great Sound Source
            • Expensive
            • Need 3 or 4

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