The MVMT Chrono Watche manufactured by MVMT Watches, an incredible company founded by two young entrepreneurs with one dream; to get rid of high mark-ups and bring amazing watches to the public, at an affordable price. They recently released the MVMT Chrono Watch line, which is amazing You can read more about their story on the MVMT Website:

In 2013, two watch enthusiasts dropped out of college with the dream of reinventing the watch industry. Tired of big brand markups, the duo set out to create a direct to consumer model… Through the amazing engagement of our fans we have established a growing community on social media amassing 1.5 million followers.

Watch Specs

MVMT Black Chrono Watch ReviewThe MVMT Chrono Watch is an awesome timepiece. The following are the specs of the MVMT Chrono Watch directly from their website:

Case Size: 45 mm
Case Thickness: 12 mm
Strap Width: 22 mm
Movement: Six Hand Chronograph with Date
Glass: Hardened Mineral Crystal
Water Resistance: 5 ATM

Watch Constitution / Build

The first thing that stood out to me about my MVMT Chrono Watch is the weight and feel of the watch. I have purchased numerous watches in the past that range in quality & price, but, this watch, had the most solid ‘feel’ of any watch I have purchased to date.

The overall weight of the watch is perfect; it doesn’t feel like wrecking ball attached to my wrist, but I have no worries that a bump or a short drop would damage the watch. Also, a heavier watch indicates better internal piece quality & overall construction (not always, but most of the time).

Watch Comfort / Style

One of the reasons I have never worn a watch as an adult was because I always thought the looks were too “busy” and they were always uncomfortable on my wrist for prolonged wear.

I am happy to announce that MVMT has broken that mold in the most elegant way. The MVMT Chrono Watches fit comfortably on the wrist, even with the larger face. The watch function buttons to not dig into your wrist when you go to grab something or use your hands, and the design of the MVMT Chrono Watch is minimalist in a way that works beautifully. Everyone is sure to find a style of the MVMT Chrono Watch that speaks to them with the wide-range of style available. A few of the other Chrono styles are pictured below.

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MVMT Chrono Watch Durability

The solid construction of the MVMT Chrono Watch goes along way in the durability of the watch itself. I am an incredibly clumsy person, which is why I avoided watches previously; all it took was a few weeks of wear and the face casing was usually scratched to hell and/ or the glass scratched or cracked.

In the 3 months I have owned the watch, I can say with confidence the durability measures up to even my clumsy standards. The ‘hardened mineral crystal’ watch face has resisted everything I have thrown at it, including banging it square on car doors, door frames, desk corners and even the head of an unsuspecting co-working when I turned a corner too fast at the office. The watch casing also still looks superb, not having been scratched through any of my antics either.

MVMT Chrono Watch Price

When shopping for anything these days, we often are most restricted by price. Fortunately for you, the MVMT Chrono Watch is not an item that is going to break your bank. This awesome watch runs between $135 and $140 depending on if you go with the premium leather watch band or the metal link watch band. At the $140 price range, almost anyone can afford this incredible watch. Additionally, it makes an excellent gift.



Customer Service

When I am reviewing products, there often is not the ability to review a company’s customer service because there is no real opportunity to do so. However, I had the opportunity to interact with MVMT’s customer service when a piece of my watch broke off. One of the buttons, that controls the chronographs, broke off somehow. Once I noticed this, I emailed MVMT support and ask them the cost of shipping me out a replacement piece.

To my surprise, after submitting pictures of the issue and my watch model number, I was informed I would be receiving a brand new watch face in the mail and I would just have to transfer my current watch strap to the new face. This type of customer service will only increase the amount I recommend these watches to my friends and family.

MVMT Chrono Watch

MVMT Chrono Watch



    Style / Comfort






          Customer Service



            • Solid Construction
            • Many Style Options
            • Durable
            • Competitively Priced
            • Amazing Customer Service


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