So I bought this Mpow Bluetooth Receiver aka Streambot for my girlfriend because her new Sentra does hands-free calling, but for whatever reason it won’t play music via a Bluetooth connection. After scrolling through the endless depths of and I caught this for a mere $12.99 and figured it couldn’t be any worse than the horrid aux cord she was currently using from FiveBelow that crackled and popped every time the car hit bump in the road.

The package includes:

1x Mpow Portable Bluetooth Receiver

mpow-bluetooth-wireless-receiver-package1x Micro USB charging cable

1x 3.5mm Audio Cable

User manual


It’s pretty small, except metal audio input is rather large and bulky. The actual unit is full plastic with a power button on the face and some multi-function buttons on the side that allow for song changing (which can be done from your Bluetooth device as well).

As far as the thickness, it’s about on par with today’s cell phones and weighs next to nothing.

Specs & Features

Firing up the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver is simple. Pop it into your aux input, push and hold the power button to turn it on and then connect your phone to it and viola, the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver is ready to go.

Mpow bluetooth wireless receiverThe Mpow Bluetooth Receiver runs Bluetooth v. 4.1 and has a 30-foot range.

The battery life is claimed to be 8 hours.
I can verify the above to be true thanks to a current extended car ride to Iowa for my cousins wedding.

Some notable features include the ability to connect two phones to this single device and you can answer two calls at the same time. (See manual for details and all the control options/commands). You can do just about anything from answering/hanging up a phone call to changing the songs from the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver itself, why you need to when you can just do it from your phone is beyond me, but to each their own.


The Mpow Bluetooth Receiver will alert you with a low power warning which isn’t anything earth shattering, but it’s better than it just going dead without notice in the middle of streaming the big game or… her favorite jam (priorities).

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that it comes with a built in microphone and after making a few phone calls it apparently works as good if not better than your standard built in car microphone.
Now I was under the impression that the Mpow Wireless Bluetooth Receiver would work in tandem with your vehicles Bluetooth for calls and auto switch over when one came in. Needless to say, after fiddling with it, it doesn’t do this out of the box. But I really only tried for a few minutes so I need to tinker with it some more or change up where my phone directs the call. With that said if you do get a call it works fine on its own, so not a HUGE deal.


Mpow bluetooth wireless receiver review

For the cost of a few brews at your local sports bar you can give any vehicle with an aux input a hands-free calling experience as well as wireless music player for under $15 bucks, how great is that!?

According to the company ad on it also comes with a 18-month warranty and a 45 days money back guarantee. They also claim they have easy to reach support.


I really can’t find anything really wrong with the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver other than the bulky audio jack. The device doesn’t do anything crazy it just adds an additional layer of functionality to your car or even to a speaker (of course you could just get a Bluetooth speaker…) It handles the task it is given without issue.


There’s quite a few of these devices on the market, including a “nicer’ version of this one by the same company that appears to have either a partial metal body. This appears to be one of the cheaper models out there, but as stated above it doesn’t appear to matter.

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver





      Battery Life



        • Small Build
        • Long Battery Life
        • Built in Mic


        • Obnoxious audio jack

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