Christmas lights can be ridiculously expensive today. A Laser Light is an affordable and convenient way to decorate for the holidays without spending a fortune, increasing the electric bill significantly and using a significant amount of storage space the other 11 months of the year. Holiday laser lights are a great way to keep the holiday cheer alive while drastically reducing the amount of time, energy & the cost of decorating for the holidays.

We were given a discounted product in order to give this item a true test in the field. We looked over the holiday laser light build, its performance, & the color and pattern options available. We compared this to its overall cost to reach our conclusions. Check this item out on Amazon today for a discount.

Laser light Show Emitter ReviewWhat’s in the Box?

Package Included

  • 1* Laser light
  • 1* Wireless Remote(Battery Included)
  • 1* Ground Stake
  • 1* Instruction Manual

Laser Light Build

The worry with these items, typically, is that they are cheaply made (much like the new generation of Christmas Lights) and they are only going to last for one holiday season. Fortunately this Holiday Laser Light is built to last. It’s made out of lightweight aluminum. The unit is also waterproof.

In my opinion, this laser light show feels solid and not made from cheap materials. Additionally, all the cords and the stake for the ground are properly made. It’s not a bunch of cheap materials, which is what I was afraid of; fortunately, this product is made very well.

Laser Light Performance

The performance of this holiday laser light is amazing. This product easily performs from up to 25 feet away. Thousands of stars can light up your home in an instance. This device can cover up to 3900 square feet at the optimal range of 25 feet. It has an RF remote that allows for manual operation of the holiday laser light; you also have the option of setting up this light show on a timer, giving you the ultimate flexibility.

Laser Christmas lights turn on/off automatically depend on the light intensity, costs 99% less energy than regular string lights

Laser Light Colors & Patterns

Starry Laser Lights offers 3 types of Colors on their holiday laser lights:

  • Green & Blue
  • Green & Red
  • Red & Blue

There are also 8 different speeds in which the pattern goes. The various speeds can also twinkle at 2 different speeds if so desired.

Laser Light Price

When you add up how much a  few boxes of Christmas lights would cost, how much space they take up for storage, and the time it would take to properly decorate your home, the cost of one holiday laser light show is minimal. For $69.99 you can get a light show that is almost and all in one solution for decorating. $69.99 is the sale price for the holiday so head over to Amazon and get yours today.

Starry Laser Light

Starry Laser Light





      Colors & Patters





          • Solid Construction
          • Great Performance
          • Energy Effcient
          • Saves Time & Money


          • Limited Colors
          • Limited Patterns

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