The FitBit Charge HR is a wearable bracelet that tracks various activities performed throughout the day such as steps taken, number of levels climbed, current heart rate, and sleep monitoring. The FitBit Charge HR also contains some smartphone integrations that allow you to see things like Caller ID from your wrist. However, don’t take all this from us, read straight from the FitBit Charge HR website

Tracks continuous heart rate, all-day activity stats and sleep. Includes Caller ID. Please note: sizing varies across trackers.

Style/ Comfort

I  have wore a variety of watches, fitness trackers & wearable electronics; what I love about the FitBit Charge HR is that it is sleek and modern looking without being overly obvious. It really is an unassuming little bracelet that fits comfortably on your wrist. The wrist band comes in two sizes: small & large. I am a very tall guy so I, naturally, bought the large band. I do have smaller wrists for my size, but the large wristband works great. I would only recommend the small wrist band for those with fairly small wrists.

I have read several different reports or instances where the wristband caused discomfort and/or rashes onto the skin of the wearer. I, personally, know about 20 people with this model and none of them, including myself, have had discomfort issues with the band and I have very sensitive skin.

The current FitBit Charge HR comes in six colors:  Black,  Plum, Blue, Teal, Tangerine or Pink

FitBit Charge HR. Black Review
FitBit Charge HR Blue Review
FitBit Charge HR Tangerine Review

Battery Life

The issue of battery life is a big one in today’s world, where gadgets have more and more features and are becoming smaller and smaller. One thing I loved about the FitBit Charge HR is that it is not as bulky as some of the first-generation smart watches I have acquired. With that being said, barbecue of its sleek & compact design, I was worried that the battery life of the FitBit Charge HR wouldn’t be as great as advertised (5 days)

Fortunately, I was mistaken. My FitBit Charge HR battery easily pushes the 5 day battery life estimation FitBit gives for the product. I have read that some people were having issues with their FitBit Charge HR’s battery life plummeting a few months into use. Thankfully, that has not yet happened to me. However, there is a lot of information on the internet as to how to extend your FitBit Charge HR battery life.

Performance / Accuracy

There seems to be a push recently of smart devices and electronic  ‘wearables’ that all claim to be the best thing since sliced bread; this quick push to market has often left me wanting with most of the ‘next big thing’ purchases I make. Again, the FitBit Charge HR proved to stand up to its claims; after rigorous testing of running, walking & climbing stairs, I am happy to say that this FitBit performs great! I used several other methods to compare the results of what my FitBit recorded and what was actually true and they were all very close. With this newest iteration, you don’t even have to tell your FitBit you are working out:

Get credit for workouts without pressing a button thanks to SmartTrack™—a feature that automatically recognizes and records select exercises.

I do have two qualms have with the FitBit Charge HR. The first one is that, although consistent to the person, this FitBit did have some discrepancies when comparing steps with others when we were doing similar / the same activities. It could be something with the gate of each individual person  (it didn’t bother me much as I was always ahead in the step competitions). The second issue I have with the FitBit Charge HR’s tracking is that I had a very difficult time getting the sleep tracking to work. I am not sure if I am not wearing it tight enough, if there is an internal issue or if I only think I am sleeping but really am not, but I have never been able to properly track my sleep patterns.

Smartphone Application

FitBit Charge HR Smartphone Application ReviewFitBit Charge + HR Smartphone Application ReviewThe smartphone application that accompanies the FitBit Charge HR is the reason that FitBit has been such a popular brand of wearables. The smartphone applications syncs with your FitBit and presents you with the results of your activities. The app is well designed, informational, and easy to use. The app also allows for challenging of your friends in competition, which is not only fun, but it is addicting. I work with a lot of smartphone applications on a day-to-day basis and I love the FitBit app.


With great battery life, intense activity tracking and a smartphone application packing into a sleek & modern wearable, you would probably assume that the FitBit Charge HR costs a ton. Although there are plenty of other fitness trackers that cost less, the price of $129.95 is more than fair for the FitBit Charge HR.

FitBit Charge + HR Review

FitBit Charge + HR Review

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