Doppler Labs has released their acoustic filter earbud DUBs to the open market. These tiny, stylish little earbuds aim to replace clunkier, less stylish alternatives while still providing a better overall experience for users. According to the DUBs website:

We wanted ear plugs that didn’t protrude out of your ears – making them embarrassing to wear at a club or a sports event – and didn’t get in the way of your listening experience.  Since we couldn’t find anything that met our standards, we decided to invent it.

It should be noted that these DUBs earbuds are not wireless / Bluetooth headphones. They are sound-filtering earbuds that aim to reduce white noise, reduce the decimal level of the surrounding environment, all without distorting or muffling the sound.

DUBS Acoustic Filter Earbud Review:

For this review, will we look at four main things:

  • Style / Practicality
  • Performance
  • Price

DUBS – Style & Practicality

Photo Credit: Doppler Labs

The first thing you will notice about the DUBS earbuds by Doppler Labs is the small carrying case it comes in. The case is perfect for anyone that carries a purse or a bag with them everywhere. Although the carrying case is small enough to fit in the front pocket of any pair of pants, it can feel a bit clunky in the pocket. The case itself has a nice, tight fit that prevents the DUBS earbuds from coming loose or lost in a pocket, bag or purse. Again, the overall size and shape makes carrying the DUBS around convenient but slightly uncomfortable if in a pants pocket.

The DUBS earbuds themselves are minimalist and sleek. They fit comfortably in the ear and do not protrude out of the ear. One of the biggest (and only) complaints we have been hearing is that the DUBS earbuds only come with one size of rubber buds. Most headphones today come with multiple sizes to accommodate different ear sizes.  

DUBS – Performance

To field test the DUBs earbuds from Doppler Labs, we put them through a gauntlet of everyday trials to see how well they really worked. To get a true measure of the effectiveness of the DUBS Acoustic Filters, we tried them at home, at the office, at an outdoor concert and at a loud bar. 

DUBS Home Test

For the first test, we threw the DUBS in at home, hoping to reduce some of the yelling, crying, screaming and other, all-to-familiar noises that we hear after a long day at work. Unfortunately, in the home setting, we did not experience a noticeable difference in noise reduction / filtration. Too bad for us, right?

DUBS Office Test

The second test we threw at the DUBS earbuds was use at the office. A little bitter about the home test from the night before, we threw in the DUBS earbuds and got to work. Surprisingly, the DUBS performed beyond expectations. It was interesting to note how some of the everyday sounds of the office were filtered and gone. Working in the same office day-in-and-day-out, we often get used to certain sounds and become ‘numb’ to them. However, when using the DUBS at the office, the loud air conditioner kicking on and off was no longer a nuisance. The hum of computers and the repetitive typing sounds from the 20 other employees went silent. Working with DUBS in at the office was very pleasant and did not impede the ability to talk to people and hear what they were saying. It’s important to note that, while the DUBS earbuds are in, you do not have to talk any louder to people for them to hear you, you just sound muffled in your own head.

DUBS Outdoor Concert Test

Outdoor concerts are commonplace in the summer time and a great opportunity to try out the DUBS earbuds in a crowded, loud environment. During our test, we didn’t notice a reduction in the decimal level of the concert (mainly because we were on the lawn, quite a bit away from the stage), however the clarity of the music was much more vibrant it seemed. As an added bonus, the DUBS earbuds even did a halfway decent job of tuning out some of the constant screaming from the hoards of teens surrounding us at the concert.

DUBS Bar Test

The true test of the DUBS earbuds by Doppler Labs was when we tested it at a loud bar on a night out of adventure. Have you ever gone bar hopping and the next morning you feel like you can either still hear the music from the night previously or everything is muffled? (Yeah, neither of those are good things) This is a scenario where the DUBS earbuds really shined. There was a noticeable reduction in the decimal level of the music that was being played. There is a point at which the DUBS become less effective at reducing the decimal level, it can only do so much, right? In hindsight, I should not have had my head next to the speaker like that anyway. With the DUBS in for the evening, the day after (and long term) effects of hearing loss were not an issue.

We like what DUBS did for us, but its hard to explain how the DUBS earbuds are actually working. Because we aren’t fancy engineers like the people over at Doppler Labs, they broke down the technology in a way we can understand it:

The DUBS use Dynamic Attenuation, an intricate mechanical process that filters sound. While traditional earplugs distort and muffle, our engineers developed a proprietary combination of high and low pass filters that allow the DUBS to reduce volume while preserving the proper balance and clarity of the audio you hear.

DUBs Earbud Review - Doppler Labs
Photo Credit: Doppler Labs

DUBS – Price Review

Sitting right at $25 for one pair (and a nice discount for buying multiple pairs) we can’t argue much about the price of the DUBS earbuds. Not only affordable, DUBS earbuds cost significantly less than custom earbuds that can run from $150 to $250. While custom earbuds may do a better job, they really are only feasible for musicians and those in the entertainment industry that are constantly bombarded by harsh, loud music.

DUBS Acoustic Filter Earbud Review Summary

Anytime we talk about a product that can effectively help prevent long term damage to the body, we automatically assume it comes with a hefty price tag. In the case of DUBS earbuds by Doppler Labs, we found that a very worthwhile product does not have to break the bank. Not only are they practical, they are stylish and do a solid job of protecting hearing and making the sounds we do hear, more crisp and vibrant.

DUBS Acoustic Filters (Earbuds)

DUBS Acoustic Filters (Earbuds)

Fit / Comfort







        • Comfortable
        • Great Performance for Price
        • Inexpensive


        • Only One Size of Earbuds

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