Headphones today have come a long way in terms of sound but lack a noise canceling microphone. The microphones that are on today’s headphone cords allow a user the ability to make or answer a phone call while wearing the headphones but the experience is a poor one.

ClearMic has come up with an excellent solution to this problem a portable, noise canceling microphone that you plug into the audio jack of your headphones to create a best-in-class solution.

I have been very blunt on numerous headphone reviews on this website that I do not believe that most of the manufacturers care about the call quality of the microphones they integrate into their products. The performance of the ClearMic noise canceling microphone truly makes taking or making a phone call with your favorite pair of headphones simple and with a high performance.

The ClearMic noise canceling microphone only costs $29. This may seem steep for a microphone add on for your headphones but when you think about the cost of purchasing a professional headset, the price is nominal.

We were lucky enough to be given a ClearMic Noise Canceling Microphone at a steep discount for an opportunity to test it out. Please check it out on Headset Buddy.

ClearMic Noise Canceling Microphone

ClearMic Noise Canceling Microphone





      Headphone Integration





          • Turn Any Pair of Headphones into a Headset
          • Cheaper than Buying a Headset
          • Call Performance


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