Brathwait is changing the game not only by offering a high quality watch at a reasonable price but also by showing you the price breakdown for components and cutting out the middle man/retail markups. Sure $249.00 might seem steep at first, but the phrase “you get what you pay for” holds no higher truth than with this watch.Brathwait watch

Brathwait Watch Specs

  • Sapphire glass
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Stainless steel case
  • Coating
  • Dial

The Case/Bezel and Dial

When Brathwait said this is a minimalist watch, they weren’t kidding. But it’s that minimalistic approach that makes it so attractive. The 6 uM (6/1000 of 1mm) coating is nothing short of gorgeous and shines in the light. The face and bezel accent each other in the perfect way, utilizing what is a pearl like face and gold hour marks. The clarity and toughness of the sapphire glass demands respect and holds up to accidental run ins with hard surfaces.

The Brand

Brathwait set out to make a watch dedicated to the world’s first gentleman, Richard Brathwait. They focus on simple, achievable, luxury watches.

Here’s what Brathwait has to say about their brand.

We couldn’t live with ourselves if we took Mr. Brathwait’s name and tarnished it. That’s why we’re bringing transparency to modern watchmaking.

By pulling back the curtains, we’re aiming to do away with industry short-cuts and cheap solutions. This commitment doesn’t make us the biggest, nor does it make us the fastest growing company, quite the contrary. But we believe that qualities like honesty and altruism are desperately needed these days, and that is a foundation worth building a company on. We use the same materials and same factories as $500 to $3000 brands, but we sell at a fraction of the price.

Some call it stupid, we call it fair.

Brathwait watch review


It’s a great watch that you can wear every day to work and every night out on the town. It’s classic enough to go with a casual outfit, but dressed up enough for any business attire. The quality is off the charts, and the attention to detail is just as good if not better than any watch I’ve ever see with a price tag twice as much or more. The leather strap comes with gold accent threading which pops and pulls the whole watch together. Lastly, although the clasp is my biggest functional annoyance with this watch it is very eye catching and does add to the watch in a visual way.


There’s next to nothing wrong with the watch besides the clasp. It literally took me 10-15 minutes to get this watch attached on my wrist. I think part of the problem is it might be made with the “slim fit” male in mind. My wrists aren’t tiny by any means, but they aren’t exactly huge either. I barely fit in the last notch of the strap. I will say once the leather strap loosened up it has been much easier, but I think they need to rethink this clasp.


Brathwait Watch

Brathwait Watch

Quality of materials






        Company Disclosing Costs vs. Profit



          • Quality
          • Wear Anytime
          • Sapphire Glass
          • Real Leather Strap


          • Clasp

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