So we’ve past the last quarter pole of 2016 where it has all become abundantly clear that this new age of posting literally everything we do daily to the internet isn’t going anywhere. So, one must ask themselves how can I up the ante? It’s rather hard to surf, ride a bike, or run through the woods with a selfie-stick and not put an eye out, or take a dirt nap. Plus not everyone has $300.00-$400.00 to buy a GoPro (trust me I don’t either). So without further delay let me introduce you to the formidable Akaso EK7000 4k Action Camera.



The Akaso EK7000 gives you the option of shooting in 1080P 30fps, 1080p 60 fps, and 4K 25fps. All of which you can change from the camera with ease. You can view the video being taken from the 2-inch LCD screen.

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With super wide angel lens (170 degree) on the Akaso EK7000 you can capture all you do in any weather conditions mother nature throws at you. Plus it is waterproof with the use of the protective case up to 98 ft.

You also have options like single photos, time lapse, and burst. (Can be changed and used with the remote control.)

A really nice feature for this camera is the built in WiFi so you can connect it to your phone and view the video through your other devices as well as other options by downloading the app off either major app store. It also has an output for micro HDMI.

Check out his AKASO E7000 Review


Inside the box of Akaso EK7000

1x AKASO EK7000 Camera
1x 2.4G Remote Control
2x 1050mAh Battery
1x Waterproof Case
1x Bicycle Stand
7x Mount
2x Clip
1x Helmet Mounts
1x Bandages
5x Tethers
1 x Protective Backdoor
1x USB Cable
1x AC Charger
1x Lens Cloth
1x Manual



I’m always skeptical when it comes to products like these. All to often the company promises the world and then some and you end up with a lemon. At first glance the Akaso EK7000 from inside the store ready display box appears rather vanilla. Small black camera with white lettering, matte black in color. It’s smaller than a credit card (that’s good), I’d equate it to the size and thickness of a small cologne bottle. It’s extremely light, which of sort of makes me question the quality. All it all, it feels a little cheap as if it won’t hold up to the rigors of the outdoors.

Akaso EK7000 Real World Usage

So every year my Dad, Brother-in-Law, and I take a 12+ hour float down the Big Piney River here in the Missouri Ozarks. It’s quite the adventure from the sketchy and dangerous drop point, all the way through the fallen trees and mini-rapids along the way. This year I lost my shoes and a paddle and had to tie funoodles to the bottom of my feet so I could drag my canoe through some shallow rocky areas. It was crazy, but fun as always.

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I attached the Akaso EK7000 to my canoe and took a ton of footage, the battery however only lasted 1.5 hours using it for 1080P 60FPS mode. I didn’t bother testing out the 4K because if this camera didn’t live up to the hype I didn’t want to risk losing these memories. I’d rather risk losing footage of an impromptu cat video at home.

Filming was done above and below water with ease, took some solo photos, and tested out the burst mode. All of which performed as expected. Overall I was pleased with the ease of use and annoyed the battery died so fast.

Akaso EK7000 Video Quality

The true test occurred when I got home and plugged the micro SD card into the adapter and stuck it in my parent’s laptop. To my amazement the video taken by the Akason EK7000 above and below water was incredibly clear. You could hear the sounds of the water rushing down the sides of the boat, paddles hitting water, and all the banter three guys make when 30 deep in a little over 2 hours. I even got footage of my “MONSTER” catch. It was a 2-inch sun fish… and I caught like 10 of them little guys.

I only took a few photos, one of which was with my Brother-in-Law who caught a nice small mouth. The photos were really good! Maybe not “photographer” quality of course, but when you factor in price and features this will fit my needs 9.9/10.

Check out his AKASO E7000 Review


The lack of battery life, which of course only gets worse with the 4K is slightly annoying. But, when you look at the size of the battery it is to be expected and is probably why they give you spare battery. It would be nice if they furnished a wall charge for the extra battery because otherwise you have to charge the battery inside the camera, pop it out (which isn’t as easy as it should be) and pop in another. Rinse, repeat. I can’t attest how long the higher end GoPro’s last for, but I think if the battery could get extended to 3 hours it would be beneficial.



For $69.99 from it’s one of the higher priced non-name brand models. But compared to a $300.00 action camera with 4K capability it’s a pretty sweet deal, especially since it comes with a ton of free clips. *AND if you write an Amazon review when you buy it and send proof to the company they will send you a free gift. The gift is either a 32gb SD card or set of gear which has a body harness, head hardness, flotation grip and the wall charger it should come with to start!! But hey, motivation to write a quick review!


Final Thoughts

I’m going to play with it some more in the coming weeks and update this review a little more so we can show just how the Akaso EK7000 works, as well as get another camera coming in the mail to mash it up against. So far I am happy with the purchase and I would recommend it to anyone in the market for an action camera that may not quite be ready to shell out the money for the GoPro. If you want to purchase the camera you can do some at

*Here’s some quick footage


Akaso EK7000 Action Camera

Akaso EK7000 Action Camera

Picture Quality (1080p)




      Battery Life


        Free Attachments (Quality)





            • Cost Effective
            • Good Picture/Video Quality
            • Tons of Free Attachments


            • Vanilla Looking
            • Bad Battery Life
            • No Wall Charger

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